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Villagers are talking with different voice lines, like greetings, small-talk and similar. The mod lets you easily add different voices with resource packs. Every villager gets a random voice from the installed voices.



Download the newest version of the mod and put it into your mods folder. To activate the bundled voicepack, download the newest teajay.json file from here and put it into the folder config/talkingvillagers/voices/.


Install Voices

Step 1: Client

Add a resource pack for the voice into the “resourcepack”-folder in .minecraft.

Step 2: Server or Client

Add [voicename].json file into ../talkingvillagers/voices/ in the config folder of your server (or client, if you want to play SinglePlayer).


Add your own voice lines

Read instructions on GitHub.



Currently there are no voicepacks except the one that is bundled with the mod published. As soon as some are released they will be listed here.


Suggest voice lines

You want to suggest new voice lines for the standard bundled voice pack?
Use this google form.


Planned Features

  • Villagers greet you more often if they like you
  • isChild property for voicepacks, so the voice is only given to children. Children will get a new voice when grown up
  • adding tags to voicelines (friendly, hostile or no tag) voicelines with friendly will only played when having a good reputation, voicelines with hostile only when having bad reputation.
  • sleeping sound event (e.g. snorting)
  • click here to download


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