Mob battle stick

Mob Battles

Create big and interesting fights using these sticks.

Blue Team vs Red Team:

Which Team is better? Which Team is more stronger? Which Team will survive?.

Edit entity components like Scale, health, movement and name

                       Turn On

  • Turn On GameTest Framework ✔️
  • Turn On Holiday Creator Features ✔️
  • Latest Minecraft version (official) ✔️


These sticks are in “equipment” category.


Team red

Hit an entity using this stick (Can be custom entities).

Entities on red team will fight against entities on 🔵 blue Team

Note: Target Setter can’t be used if an entity is on a team, use team remover stick!

🔵 Team Blue

Hit an entity using this stick.

Entities on this Team will fight against red team.

Team Remover

Hit an entity to remove its team. (if you don’t want it fighting against enemy team anymore or if you wanna use target setter)

Target Setter

Target Setter makes 2 entities fight each other (this stick is “player-side” so each player has its own entities)


Note: Use team remover if you can’t use it

Debug Stick [Entity]

This stick allows you to edit entity components supported by GameTest



Note: dialogue box will only show the current components of the entity

Select version for changelog:


Added “Team” feature to make big battles

Added Debug Stick [Entity]: Edit some entity components

Added Team Remover: Removes team members

Mob Battle Mod (1.18.2, 1.16.5) takes care of that by adding items which will help you in creating (and maintaining) mob fights. This is meant to be played in creative mode. It is explained in-game, how to use every item. This should work on every mob, which can fight back. With other words: Every fight possible can be done with this mod.

The Mob Battle Mod introduces a series of wands that enable you to take control over who or what a mob attacks. The Enrager is the main wand that you simply click who want to do the attacking and then click the next mob for it to attack.

A mob is an unruly and often violent group of people, especially one engaged in a riot or other lawless violence.

Some mobs organize intentionally to engage in violence and destruction, but sometimes people assemble spontaneously and turn into a mob, such as in reaction to some event. Because people who have massed together in such a way typically don’t follow any formal leadership or string of command, mobs are known for getting out of control and engaging in chaotic, unpredictable, and often violent behavior.

Sometimes, the word refers to a large group of people acting in an aggressive or hostile way in a virtual space, as in Don’t post that unless you want to feel the wrath of the social media mob. 

This sense of mob is often used as a modifier (adjective) to describe things carried out by mobs or involving mobs, as in mob violence and mob rule.

Like the word riot, the word mob is sometimes intentionally used inaccurately to portray groups in a negative way when this characterization is not warranted. For example, an opponent of a protest might call a group of peaceful protesters a mob as an attempt to discredit the protesters and their message.

The word mob can also be used as a verb meaning to assemble in large numbers or crowd around someone or something, especially in an unruly way, as in Holiday shoppers mobbed the store as soon as it opened or The star is mobbed by photographers every time she leaves her house. A place or person who has been crowded in this way can be described with the adjective mobbed.

As a verb, mob can also mean to attack as a mob, as in Wave after wave of rebels mobbed the embassy. 

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