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Emblems Addon!

Have you ever wondered what Minecraft would be like if you could equip accessories? Well, look no further because I have the solution for you right here! This addon includes upgradable items called emblems that will give you the necessary abilities to tackle even the most difficult challenges in Minecraft!!


Most emblems have a different rarity for each upgrade. These rarities can represent the amount of power the emblem has or the difficulty of attaining the emblem


The rarities are listed as shown :



In order to get started, you need to craft a blank emblem

once you have this you can begin crafting the standard emblems

Defense Emblem
Vital Emblem
Combat Emblem
Speed Emblem

The totem emblem is The fifth mythic emblem in this addon. It is the most unique emblem due to it not having any lower ranks.

all the emblems are nice but it would be much better to use multiple buffs at once! if you get all five emblems you can craft them into the final emblem. The crafter’s emblem!

to receive buffs from emblems they must be in your main hand or more conveniently your offhand(shield slot)

Stay tuned! more emblems may be coming very soon!!!

This addon adds over ten brand new swords to your Minecraft experience! This is only the first version of the addon and I will try my best to update it at least every other week!


The addon adds in a plethora of items, mobs, and weapons! each weapons gives its weilder an increase of stats

This is the classic game ‘Deathswap’ put in an addon! The goal is to kill the other player when you swap positions! You can put this addon on any world or seed that you like and get the fun experience.

All you have to do is apply the behavior pack to a world to play! Do ‘/function start’ to start the game. You will swap positions every 5 minutes so be hasty with your trap! 2 player game.

Want to shrink everything from trees to houses? Well this is the addon for you! Simply shoot the shrink ray at any target and it will shrink into a 7^3 area. All you have to do is apply the behavior pack and you’re good to go.

To shrink an area, you have to shoot the shrink ray at what you want to shrink. Wait about 5-10 seconds for it to completely finish. Multiplayer compatible.  **Works about 90% of the time**

Works on most blocks.

Do not shoot multiple shrink rays at the same time!

Do not have enchantments on the shrink ray!


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