wizard mod

Health Points 8
Attack Strength 2 and a half(touch) Random (potion)
Drops Brain (1-3), Any type of potions, or potion ingredient (0-3)
Spawn In a Wizard’s Cave
Experience Points 15

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Wizards, also known as Wiz, or Minecraft Oz, are Neutral Semospheric Mobs, and throws potions at the player, a Witch, or a harmful mob. (Not counting Wolves and Creepers.) They have their own biome.


Wizards have the same model as villagers,but they are wearing a blue cloak with stars,a long gray-ish beard,and a blue hat with stars,they are also holding a wand


Strategy on killing these tricky Wizards, is to lure a Witch to a Wizard’s Cave, or lure a Wizard to a Witches’ Hut. Therefore, ignoring the player completely. Wizards can also hold good potions, so it’s best to farm some, as they do not despawn.


You can trade with Wizards using Rubies. They are the neutral Villagers of the Semosphere. Thus, trading semospheric items, or maybe even overworld items!


Creators have been making custom mobs for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition ever since the Add-On system was released. However, it has not always been the easiest process to pick up and learn. From understanding the geometry files to how textures unwrap to fit on the model, the learning curve can be a bit steep. This is especially true if you are a brand-new creator and are not sure what a pack manifest is, or where to put files in an Add-On pack folder structure. It’s very easy to make one small typo and find out your mob isn’t showing up in the game at all.

Over the years there have been several community-created tools to help streamline this process and make it easier to make content without needing to manually edit text. One of these tools has seen widespread use throughout the community and even amongst the Marketplace Partner teams, and that is Blockbench. Blockbench is an open-source 3D modeling application where a creator can model, texture, and animate 3D block-based models for a variety of games. This helped the community with the creation of 3D assets for Minecraft immensely, but there is still a lot of manual work new creators need to do before they can see their creations in-game.

Introducing the Minecraft Entity Wizard plugin for Blockbench! This plugin was made to help streamline the process even more and help reduce common errors. It adds a menu option that launches a step-by-step wizard to take you through getting started making a new mob. You will select a look and the behavior you want your new entity to have from pre-existing mobs in Minecraft. You will then be able to export your model to a pre-existing pack you might have, or you can generate a new Add-On pack to save your entity to.

The latter option is great for those who don’t know all the technical details involved with setting up an Add-On by hand. With this plugin, your entity is ready to go as the Add-On will show up the next time you launch Bedrock. All you need to do is add the packs to your world and play!

For more information on how to install and use the Minecraft Entity Wizard plugin, see the tutorial here.

Whether you’re a Marketplace Partner or a fledgling creator, we hope that this plugin will help you create awesome content! Please feel free to share what you’ve built with everyone. We love seeing what our community creates and hope to see some awesome new entities soon!


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